Friday, August 26, 2011

spring is in the air

Oooh. How I miss spring. 
Spring has always reminds me of birds, green leaves, flower buds, white clouds and a hint of sunshine. 
Especially in Melbourne when its chilly and windy in winter, spring gives you a hint of hope of sunshine to your day.
I have been blog-less for a decade of time and decide that yes I will try my hardest to pour in a bit of time into my little quiet shop. I have turn 25 and a friend said - you know what you want to do on the morning when you turn 25. :) For the remaining of this year I want to work a little bit more into this lovely collection I have.

So I have added a few little things that gives me a little ray of sunshine into my little rabbitandme. 
psst.... love me new banner :) i heart my little fat wabbit 

carnation fabric cards set of 4- buy 3 get 1 free

Fabric covered button magnets

fabric covered button magnets- buy 3 get 1 item free

Fabric covered i love you earrings
i love you fabric button earrings- buy 3 get 1 bonus